Change Boot Screen

You can change the "Asteroid" Boot screen :


To do so you need to put a "zip" file containing a boot animation on a USB disk in "bootanimation" directory at the root of the USB disk.

You can pick some bootanimation from this site:

The size of the boot animation is 800x480

You can also create your own bootanimation (for example to put you car model logo).

To do so, you will find here some help:

once you added one or multiple animations in the bootanimation directory on you USB Disk, insert it in the Parrot Asteroid product.

Clic on the option in AsteroidTweaker.

It will scan the bootanimation directory and list all bootanimations.

you can choose a boot animation by selecting it and try it without rebooting by pressing "menu" button.

chooseanim menuanim

From this menu button you will be able to put back the original bootanimation or try the current selected one.