Automatic start Music (beta)

auto start Screen Shot

Parrot Asteroid is not yet restarting audio automaticaly.

This feature try to restart your last listen physical audio source (iPod/iPhone/USB/SD/Tuner). Bluetooth is working also be it's not so stable

To have this feature working:

This features has still some issues but should works most of the time (for me at least)

How does it works:


When the screen "goodbye is show", the application save the current source and the "play/pause" status.

Product going to Standbye mode.

If the product restart before complete shutdown, Parrot manage the restart if the source stayed plugged during standbye


If the product shutdown completely :

When the product restart, I check if the last source (based on the name of the source and the type of the source) is ready.

If ready, The application launch the music (Parrot is saving the track and the position)

If not ready or not here, The application wait during a specific timeout (see below) for the source to be plugged/ready before launching it.

At the end of the timeout, if the last source is still not here, the saved source is cleared.

Good to know

If the user choose a source before "auto-start" of the last source, the last source is cleared.

If the user has two sources with the same name/type (ex: 2 USB disk with same name), The application is not able to differentiate them.

If you want the feature working well, you should let the source plugged as much as possible.

For iPod/iPhone, the playing context is saved by the iPhone.

For voice recognition playlist on multiple devices, the restart will be only on the last source played.

Automatic start Mediaplayer

At the end of boot, if the last source is launched, the player UI is launched too.

Timeout for last source loading

You can configure the time before the last source become too "old" and is cleared.

timeout screen shot